The Vineyards

Ros and John became part ownersin 2011 of the Barwite Vineyards, planted to pinot noir, chardonnay, riesling, pinot gris and shiraz. Ros inherited the Dead Man's Hill Vineyard in 2009; at five hundred metres above sea level, the DMH vineyard is planted solely to gewürztraminer.

Ros Ritchie Wines also secures high quality white and red varieties from several growers of a like mindset in the region, who produce fruit from low cropping vines, with smaller, more open canopies and minimal requirement for water and with well balanced fruit at optimum flavour and ripeness.

These small vineyards are tended by the growers themselves, with minimal or no herbicide and fungicide use, and ongoing consultation with Ros concerning husbandry, production methods and harvest.